Who am I you ask?

I'm Matt. Matt Mclean (incase the big name in the box up top didn't already give that away). I like black coffee, getting new ink, my dog Phoebe, and a good laugh. Oh. And I've also recently rediscovered the joys of Harry Potter. And yes (spoiler alert) I cry every time Dobby dies. 

Lets be honest here for a few moments. Everyone wants those nice, cute pictures of them walking hand in hand. Head thrown back in laughter. Yeah you know exactly which ones I'm talking about. But once that huge, fat camera is front of your face, you freeze up and forget who you are and how to be yourself. Yeah.. Me too. Lets face it, we can't all be Beyonce. 

Well. My goal is simple and my approach is the same no matter who I'm working with.

You. I want to capture you. Who you are. I don't want to pose you, tell you to tilt your head slightly to the left and ask you to say cheese. I want to capture your personality. Your quirks. I want your friends and family to look at the pictures we create together and say "oh, that's so them!" I want them to be an expression of yourself, and tell the story of who you are. 

That's why I'm in this game. That's what I love most about doing what I do. 

And we'll grab some coffees and have some laughs along the way. 


Photos by the wonderful Mackenzie Jean